(photo on left) George Dias, Sr. and unknown. San Juan Mission Fiesta Rodeo, San Juan Bautista, CA. circa unknown.
(photo on right) George Dias III and Jeff Cousins, New Years Eve Fundraiser VFW Post 6359, San Juan Bautista, CA. 2008 ©

George and Donna started San Juan Valley Spice in 2013 and bought Gilroy Spice Co. in June, 2014. Gilroy Spice Co., the home of Garlic Capital Products®, was founded a little over 30 years ago. The original founders had a vision and some fantastic tasting seasoning blends including the world-famous Garlic Award Mix, Garlic Cheese Sprinkle and Gilroy Hot Stuff® Habanero Garlic Seasoning. The line of great products also includes Old Gilroy Garlic Co.®, the finest quality, most delicious California grown olives, habanero peppers and garlic available. All picked at their perfect ripeness then pickled with special recipes of spices and herbs.  The original founders also had a strong commitment to customer service which led to a long list of loyal customers who have remained throughout the years. Gilroy Spice Co. has sold to new owners a few times over the years, but some things never change like the flavor or the high quality of the spices and herbs used in the seasoning mixes and all the pickled products. Those things and a renewed commitment to customer service will forever remain the same.

Located in San Juan Bautista, California surrounded by the beautiful agricultural fields of San Juan Valley, the famed San Juan Mission and the serene St. Francis Retreat, George's family goes back 5 generations. Their history in the garlic business began in the 1940's when Georges family was involved in the early days of the California Garlic industry transporting fresh Garlic and hauling planting and harvesting machinery for the Christopher Ranch. Those early beginnings started with the trucking business and then later morphed into becoming landlords for Gilroy Spice Co. during most of that company’s 30-year history. The families love for barbecuing goes back even farther in history when Grandfather George Sr. (“Zeke” pictured above) was on the original crew of the annual San Juan Mission Fiesta Rodeo Bar-B-Que crew. Zeke was a master when it came to Barbecue Chicken. George II, volunteered with the crew as soon as he was old enough to reach the pit and he remained a loyal volunteer and committee chairman until the Rodeo ended in the early 1980’s. George III followed in their footsteps and worked on the B-B-Q crew until the end. They hold the secret to the most sought-after “rodeo chicken” dry rub and marinade recipe on the central coast. George III continues to this day with the family tradition of philanthropy, volunteering to barbecue for local fundraisers as he combines taste and grill-master skills from the past to the delight of all who remember. At this time, the rodeo chicken recipe is not available to the public but maybe someday they will consider sharing it with the rest of the world. In a bottle or jar but, of course, not the actual recipe.

Donna is a 6th generation Californian and her first job in the 1970’s was with Cimino Vessey Foods, a garlic packaging firm in Hollister, California. That experience instilled a lifetime of love and appreciation for that little “stinky rose”. Her last few decades have been dedicated to the sales and hospitality industry.

Garlic Capital Products® is committed to providing you with the BEST tasting seasonings, the FINEST California grown Olives, Habanero, Garlic and OUTSTANDING customer service.

Give us your business and we will give you our best.

Donna & George